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Rushbrook Consultants are a leading firm of consulting engineers, founded in 1999 specialising in fire safety engineering. Since then the company has developed and broadened its capabilities to include process and facilities engineering, occupational health and safety consulting and environmental consulting.

When setting up their office in Glasgow in early 2000, Managing Director Al Brown, was looking for ways to ensure that important calls from clients and potential clients and notes that “Since the team was frequently out of the office and operates without any admin staff, it was important to find a reliable and consistent way of dealing with incoming calls. We initially looked at call forwarding and voicemail systems but they all had their limitations”.

A chance search through the internet connected Rushbrook Consultants with Andy and his team and ever since then they have been the main point of contact for incoming calls, passing messages on usually by text message.

Rushbrook Consultants now have seven engineers and consultants located in separate offices in Scotland, England and France and over 50% of their work is overseas, and Al Brown spends typically 100 to 130 nights away from home each year. Using ConnectFirst has ensured that contact can be maintained with clients even when all of the consultants are out of the office.

Al adds, “we frequently get positive feedback from our customers about the way in which our messages are handled and how quickly we are able to respond, even when we are literally on the other side of the world”.

To find out more about Rushbrook Consultants visit their website or call them on 0141 572 2080.


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