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Call Answering Service and Virtual PA


"Connect First have become more involved in our business over the past few years and I have always found that their service to be excellent. When Andy feels that a call to us is of importance to our business and an email is insufficient, he will call us, which I find very professional. It really does feel like an extension to our office that we can rely on.

As our business has grown so much in the last 5 years and my time is at a premium, it is essential that I can rely on calls being taken professionally by Andy and his team. I am happy to recommend Connect First to other businesses."

Mike Bradshaw, Chem-Dry M&S


“We spend in the region of £15000 a year on advertising and so, I need to know that any potential client gets a good first impression of my company when they call.

I used to answer all our own calls personally but as we became busier it just wasn’t manageable. Now, we divert all our calls to Connect First and the bottom line is they provide a great service to us and our clients.

They are very professional and friendly – I know because I phone up occasionally to test them!”

Neil Thain, Finesse


We’ve actually received compliments from our customers who thought Connect First employees were new members of staff at Liftruks. It’s great, Connect First recognise our customers when they phone and because they have taken the time to get to know our business and understand our customers, it means they provide a quality service.

I really like the fact that we also receive a Daily Log email. I find it extremely useful as it acts as my checklist so no calls can slip through the net. It means I’ve got an audit trail of any calls that didn’t come straight into the office which is useful if I ever have to look back through our clients contact history”

Jim Pickett, Managing Director, Liftruks


“I hate answer machines and I know that I don't leave a message unless I have to. By using Connect First I know that my clients will always speak to a human and never get frustrated with a computer.

Connect First provide an impressive service; they take messages when I’m in meetings or patch through calls to my mobile when I’m out of the office (which is about 35% of the time). I wouldn’t be without them.”

Moray Deane, Control & Process Solutions

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