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connect first help totseat to become the top seat

Totseat is a fabulous solution for active parents (and babies) who like to do lunch. If you are this type of parent, you will know the frustrations that you face in finding a coffee shop or restaurant that has sufficient high chairs.

However, entrepreneurial parents, Rachel Jones and Michael Groves, have solved this problem with a washable, squashable, funky-fabric high chair solution that fits over a normal chair and keeps even the wiggliest child happy and secure.

As a client of Connect First, Rachel was well aware of the level of service that was offered with our virtual PA service and asked us if we could also manage the payment and distribution of the products.

Rachel said, “I have used Connect First for a number of years to help manage incoming calls for my PR company and their fantastic services has enabled me to develop my company without incurring huge overheads.”

She added, “When we were looking at launching Totseat, Connect First was my first choice to handle incoming sales calls for the product. Their fantastic service allows me to concentrate on developing both businesses and as I only pay for the time they spend answering my calls I do not have to worry about paying someone’s wages on weekly basis.”

To find out more about Totseat and to buy online, visit their website at


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